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Please Note! This questionnaire is designed to collect information for a determination regarding prospective adopter/s who are being considered for a Karello Cattery Manx kitten or cat. Extensive information shared within is confidential and will not be shared with anyone. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us. Karello Cattery reserves the right to deny adoption in the best interest of a Karello kitten or cat.

Owners/s Information

Home Address:
Home Phone:

Co-Owner/s Information

Home Address:
Home Phone:

Your Decision

1. What is your reason/s for wanting to adopt a Manx kitten/cat from Karello cattery?

2. What is your reason/s for choosing the Manx cat breed?

3. Would this kitten/cat be given as a gift or surprise, if yes, would you object to me being notified of this, prior to sending the deposit for said kitten/cat?

Your Home

4. What kind of dwelling do you live in?

5. Do you own or rent?

6. Landlordís name and phone number?

7. Do you have permission to have an indoor ONLY cat?

8. Is your home a permanent or temporary residence?

9. Are you planning to move within the next two years?

10. If you do move, what will you do with your new kitten/cat?

11. Would you object to updating me with your new address information each time you move, if yes, why?

12. Number of adults and children/ ages, living in your residence?

13. Does anyone in your household have allergies to animals?

14. Do all member of your household know of your intent to adopt a new kitten/cat and agree to it?

15. Do you trust others you live with not to let a kitten/cat outside, ever?

16. Which rooms, if any, are off limits to a kitten/cat?

Current and Previous Pets

17. Have you ever adopted a pet before?

18. From what organization or individual?

19. Where is the pet now?

20. Would this be your first kitten/cat?

21. Have you ever had to give up a pet for any reason to an organization or individual, if yes, for what reason?

22. Considering the below options, which ones would cause you to give up this kitten/cat?

Divorce, separation, death, allergies, cat doesnít use litter box, move to where cats are not allowed, cat destructive to property, cat bites, cat looses control of bladder, cat develops chronic illness, big vet bills, scratching, doesnít get along with other animals, cat hides.

23. If you were forced to give up your pet, did you do any of the following?

Found it a home through a newspaper or ad, placed it with an adoption group or animal shelter, returned it to breeder or person from whom I got it, abandoned it, had it euthanized, dump it off at a farm, gave to a relative or friend.

24. What was the reason for having to give the pet up?

25. If you have other pets now, what kind, how many and their ages?

26. If you have other pets, are they current on their vaccinations, if not, why?

27. Are they spayed or neutered, if not, why?

28. Do your other pets get along with other animals, especially cats?

29. What would you do if your new kitten/cat does not get along with your present pet/s?

30. If you have no pet/s now, have you had any in the past two years, what kind?

31. Where are they now?

32. Do you plan to get any pet/s in the next two years, what kind?

33. Have you considered how your kitten/cat might react to a new pet?

About You

34. Have you considered the time and interest required for caring/owning a new kitten/cat?

35. What is your occupation?

36. Hours worked per week?

37. How many hours per day will your new kitten/cat spend alone on a regular basis?

38. Is anybody home during the day, if yes, who?

39. Where would a new kitten/cat be kept in your presence/absence?

40. If your present relationship/life were to change due to death, divorce, separation, loss of job, etc. with whom will the kitten/cat remain?

Your Kitten/Cats Future

41. Where would the kitten/cat sleep at night?

42. When you go on vacation or need to go away for a few days, who will care for the kitten/cat?

43. Your new kitten/cat could take up to two weeks to adjust to your new home. Are you willing to allow it time to adjust, if not, why?

44. Would you object to me making follow up calls and/or home visits to check on your new kitten/catís progress?

45. Should your new kitten/cat have behavior problems, are you willing to work them out or call me for advice, if not, why?

46. Will the kitten/cat be allowed on your furniture, if not, why?

47. What will you do if the kitten/cat gets sick?

48. Who will pay for the Veterinary visit?

49. What is the name, address and phone number of your Veterinarian?

50. Do you object to me calling your Vet to verify youíre a client there and in the future, regarding a kitten/cat youíve adopted from Karello Cattery, if yes, why?

51. Would you agree to have your kitten/cat spayed/neutered by a specific time, if no, why?

52. Do you know anything about the following feline diseases? Feline Aids (FIV), Feline Leukemia (FeLV), Feline Enteric Corona Virus (FeCV) and Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP)

53. Are you willing to read up on them if information is provided?


Name, Address, Phone Number (They will be checked!)




*This concludes the questions on this questionnaire.*

In returning this questionnaire, you certify and acknowledge that all information is true and correct. Any false information will result in disqualification for consideration of buying a Karello kitten/cat. If a deposit has been received, you will forfeit your deposit and hold Karello Cattery harmless of any consequences due to your disqualification.

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