Available Adults

Updated 07/24/2018

New available adults coming. To inquire about upcoming adults and availability email us.

Are you considering an Adult Manx for a companion? You should know, Manx live longer than many other cat breeds. Some have been known to live to be over 18 yrs old. Although adult, they still make wonderful pets and have plenty of life to live and love to give. Typically, the purchase fee is $250.00. Some could need a human who understands trust is earned, not given. All will need time to adjust and become comfortable in a new home with new humans and surroundings. If you think you can provide one of these special adult Manx with the love, care and forever homes they deserve, contact Karen at manxyme@gmail.com and we'll discuss the possibility of that happening.

PLEASE NOTE: Any transportation fees are in addition to the sale/adoption/donations. They "could" include airline shipping, a carrier, gas (if personally delivered) a Vet visit, a health certificate and shots.

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